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Choosing a guardian involves practical and personal matters

Parents creating estate plans have many difficult choices to make. Perhaps the most challenging is choosing someone to be the guardian of their children in the tragic event of the death of the parents. For some, it is too difficult to think about, and they put it off, which could leave the courts to make the choice should the unthinkable occur. For those taking the bold step of selecting a guardian, there are a number of factors to consider.

A parent considering the perfect guardian for his or her children must keep practical matters in mind. For example, choosing someone who lives far away may require the children to leave their schools and everything familiar to move in with the guardian. On the other hand, it may be unreasonable to expect the guardian to leave his or her life behind and move to a new home in Florida. Even if the potential guardian lives nearby, parents must weigh his or her age, financial stability and other obligations.

More personal factors may also play a part in choosing a guardian. If parents hope the children will be raised with their same values and beliefs, it is important to know the values and beliefs of the potential guardians and whether they are willing to respect the parents' wishes. Perhaps the most important question is whether the other person is willing and able to be the guardian. It is a question parents should openly discuss with anyone they may consider for the job.

Choosing a guardian is a delicate and emotional step. It is one parents may struggle with. This is why many turn to an experienced attorney for guidance and advice. A Florida attorney can assist with the selection of a guardian and ensure the chosen person fulfills his or her obligations dutifully.

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