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Are irrevocable trusts useful to estate planning?

Many Florida residents may not fully understand many of the options available to them when estate planning. On the other hand, some parties may have heard of certain tools but believe that they do not need them, like trusts. Really, this option could benefit anyone depending on the details of the particular estate.

Some individuals may have concerns over utilizing irrevocable trusts. These trusts, once created, cannot be changed by the person who created the trust, or the grantor. As a result, when the grantor puts assets into the irrevocable trust, he or she no longer has any control over those assets, and only the beneficiary of the trust can make or approve any changes. This may not seem appealing to some people, but it can have its benefits.

If assets are put into an irrevocable trust, they are no longer a part of the taxable estate. As a result, creating this trust could help reduce a person's estate taxes. Of course, many people may not have enough assets for their estates to face taxation after their deaths. Still, these individuals could benefit from irrevocable trusts because they could help protect assets from creditors who may attempt to collect on debts.

Trusts can have various roles in individuals' estate plans, and there are different ones to choose from. If Florida residents are interested in gaining more information on this planning option, they may wish to speak with knowledgeable legal professionals. Estate planning attorneys can explain how trusts work and what benefits individuals could reap by using them as part of their plans.

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