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Conservatorship for Britney Spears will not end yet

For many, the idea of seeking conservatorship is used by those adult children whose parents are declining in health as they age. The role of a conservator, also known as a guardian in Florida, can also apply to those seeking the care of minors when their parents are no longer living or able to care for the children. However, conservatorship is sometimes necessary when a family member is unable to make wise or safe decisions because of mental illness or other circumstances, such as in the case of singer Britney Spears.

Spears became a superstar at a very young age and was the frequent subject of the tabloid media. When she was just 26, she began exhibiting strange and harmful behavior, which also placed her two small sons at risk. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. For her own protection, her father petitioned the court for conservatorship over Britney, which the court granted.

For 11 years, Spears' father has managed the singer's personal and professional life, including making decisions about where she lives, where she performs and how she may spend her money. When Spears and her parents recently appeared for a court hearing, fans speculated that the judge would release the 37-year-old from conservatorship. However, the court instead ordered a complete evaluation of Spears before making any decisions about the singer's future.

Handling the affairs of a loved one can be an overwhelming responsibility, but one that can make a difference in the loved one's life. Many fans believe Spears' father obtaining conservatorship may have saved the troubled star's life. Those in Florida who have similar concerns about a family member may reach out for advice about their legal options.

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