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Wills can be effective estate planning tools

Dealing with matters of estate planning is not a pleasant thing to do, but it can be even more unpleasant for those loved ones left behind to sort out the details of an unprepared estate. Unfortunately, most people in Florida and across the country do not even have simple wills to express their wishes and to name someone to handle the process of closing the estate. A will is an excellent way to organize one's affairs so that loved ones are not left with an additional burden.

Why do I need to make an estate plan?

There are many reasons to avoid creating an estate plan. It is time consuming. You may prefer to spend your money on other things. There is also the unavoidable need to think seriously about your last days and the eventualities that may accompany them. Nevertheless, an estate plan is critical for many reasons -- even if you believe your estate is not big enough to take the trouble.

Pet trusts are a loving legacy

The thought of losing a beloved pet is almost too difficult for most people to bear. However, few pet owners consider what may happen if their animal companions should outlive them. Countless pets end up in shelters and worse when their owners pass away without establishing a plan for the care of their pets. Fortunately, thorough estate plans can include trusts to provide for surviving pets.

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