Do You Need A Trust Litigation Attorney?

A trust can be an excellent estate planning tool for passing along assets. However, a number of legal issues can arise that require litigation and a knowledgeable lawyer to resolve. Perhaps you want to modify a trust but need court approval. In other circumstances, a trustee may need to be removed for fraud or other illegal behavior. No matter the case, the law firm of David Howard Goldberg, P.L. can litigate on your behalf.

Our attorney, David Goldberg, has been defending Florida residents' estates in court for over 30 years. We can help with a variety of trust matters, including:

  • Trust modification
  • Trust revocation or termination
  • Removal of a trustee
  • Creditors' claims
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

Protection From Any Legal Issues

Setting up a trust can provide many benefits but you may need further legal protection if you find yourself facing an issue such as those listed above. Attorney David Goldberg is a skilled negotiator who understands how to navigate the legal processes behind trusts. We will do everything we can to assist you.

Our services are comprehensive. This means we can represent you from the start of your estate plan through any future issues that happen to arise. We become familiar with our clients and their goals, which allows us to better represent their interests. Whether or not we were the ones to set up your trust, we will meet with you and determine how to achieve a positive outcome.

Start Your Case Today

If you encounter a trust-related issue, please email us or call us at 305-760-8888 for a free initial consultation. We will begin identifying the next steps that need to be taken. Our office is in Miami and we work throughout the whole Miami area.