When Is Probate Litigation Necessary?

Probate is often completed without issue. However, some situations call for legal action. Common reasons for dispute litigation include will contests and disputes over a guardian or personal representative. Despite the legal documents in place, someone may doubt a will's validity or breach his or her duty as a representative or other relevant figure.

Resolving All Types Of Estate Disputes

The law firm of David Howard Goldberg, P.L., works with clients facing disputes over a loved one's estate and those who wish to dispute the probate process of an estate. Some of the situations we have handled include:

  • Will contests
  • Defense against will contests
  • Probate of a lost or destroyed will
  • Removal of a personal representative
  • Defense against creditors' claims

The laws surrounding probate in Florida can become overwhelming. It is important to consult a probate lawyer with any questions and concerns you have. He or she will help you sort through the estate and understand your legal rights.

How We Can Help You

Attorney David Goldberg is a highly-skilled negotiator in the courtroom. He knows how to prepare and execute the proper strategies to win a favorable outcome for his clients. For over 30 years, we have been providing high-quality services for clients with probate concerns.

Our firm has worked with estates of all sizes in a variety of probate situations. If you believe there is an issue with any aspect of the probate process, please contact us online or call 305-760-8888. We work throughout the Miami area.