What Does A Personal Representative Do?

Another important consideration when drafting a will is the personal representative. He or she is in charge of estate management tasks such as resolving end-of-life matters after you pass away and ensuring that the contents of your will are upheld. An estate planning lawyer can help you choose and include the right candidate in your will.

The personal representative assists with the probate process by adhering to your will. They may fulfill such tasks as:

  • Contacting heirs and beneficiaries
  • Appropriately distributing assets
  • Resolving any taxes or debts
  • Paying ongoing expenses of the estate

Without a will to name a representative, Florida court will choose one for you. Your assets would then be distributed according to state standards because your wishes are unknown or not legally recognized.

Who Should You Choose?

The role of personal representative can be stressful and it is a big responsibility. You should choose someone who is very organized and responsible. It is usually wise to select someone younger than you because it is more likely that you would pass away before them. You should also name at least one alternate representative in case your first choice is unable to fulfill his or her duties.

We Protect Clients' Estates From Illegal Actions

At the law firm of David Howard Goldberg, P.L., we assist clients in setting up a plan or in litigating against a representative who is unfit for the role. Our attorneys can work to remove a personal representative who breaches his or her duty, such as embezzling assets for his or her own gain.

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