Every year we witness scandalous news reports of a celebrity or noteworthy individual’s death which, despite their considerable wealth and access to legal counsel, spawns lengthy and costly legal processes due to their lack of proper estate planning and properly executed advanced directives.

In every case, surviving family members and friends could have been spared significant time, expense, and negative publicity, if the individual had taken the time to consult with attorneys experienced with estate planning, probate and guardianship matters.

These legal battles occur not only with celebrities and large estates of the rich and famous, but with everyday people, every day in courts around the world. By preparing for eventualities and establishing legal documents for issues including Guardianship, Probate and Trusts before they are needed, you will spare your survivors these painful and costly complications.

Our attorneys can help you prepare these legal documents and, when you find yourself in a legal battle over these issues, we are here to help navigate the complexities of legal and court processes.

Estate Planning

Power of Attorney

Living Will

Health Care Surrogate

Preneed Guardian

Last Will and Testaments


Probate Administration

Intestate Estates

Testate Estates

​Formal Probate Administration

Summary Probate Administration

Disposition of Personal Property without Administration

Ancillary Probate Administration

Elective Share

Notifying Creditors

Income Tax Returns (Form 1040, Form 1041, and Form 706)

Homestead Property

Probate Litigation

Probate of a Lost, Destroyed, or Later Discovered Will

Will Contests

  • Execution Formalities
  • Lack of Testamentary Capacity
  • Undue Influence
  • Fraud
  • Duress
  • Tortious Interference with an Expectancy

​Creditor’s Claims

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Removal of Personal Representative

Surcharge Action of Personal Representative

Guardianship Administration

Guardianship of Minors

Determination of Incapacity

Emergency Temporary Guardianship

Plenary and Limited Guardianship

  • Duties and Powers of Guardian (See Florida Statute 744.361)
    • Verified Inventory/Annual Accountings
    • Initial and Annual Guardianship Plans

Restoration of Capacity

Termination of Guardianship

Guardianship Litigation

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Removal of a Guardian

Surcharge Action of Guardian

Trust Administration

Requirements for Creation

Duties and Powers of Trustees

Trust Accountings

Federal Estate Tax Returns – Form 706

Trust Litigation

Trust Modification & Trust Revocation & Trust Termination

  • Fraud
  • Duress
  • Mistake
  • Undue Influence

Jurisdiction over Trustee and Beneficiary

Creditor’s Claims

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

​Removal of Trustee

Surcharge Action of Trustee